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    Sports de nature, plein-air

    A new way to (re)discover the department through "LES TRESORS DU MORBIHAN."

    The objective of the game, based on the principle of geocaching, is to discover remarkable places, learn local stories, legends and historical facts by practicing the hike from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

    How do I play it?

    To play, just download our app from the Apple Store or Google Playstore.

    Sign up and select a route based on your location, theme, duration or difficulty. The app advises you where to park to start the route. Step by step by answering the puzzles. Once all the answers have been found, it remains to find the treasure. It is important to remember to also deposit a small object in exchange for the one that is taken, for the following, to leave a message in the notebook of the box (with its nickname, date and commune) and to put the safe in the same place discreetly.

    Collect badges found in chests based on the theme you choose. Arthur, Patern, Kristell, Stivell, Tadig, Waroc'h ... They're waiting for you !

    When can I play it?

    All year round, 7 days a week, in French or English, be guided by our journeys to do, redo, with friends, family, couple or solo independently, with a reward in the key!

    This treasure hunt is accessible to all: grandparents, parents, children (even in strollers) and people with reduced mobility (depending on the route).

    How much does it cost me?

    The app is free. Then some routes are free because offered by municipalities, communities or other partners. Others, for the average price of a person's movie space, are to be made as many times as you want and for as many people as you will be.

    Where are the courses?

    New ones are created gradually. There are some in Vannes, Sarzeau, Penvins, Suscinio, Le Bono, Port-Navalo...

    More info at www.tresorsdumorbihan.bzh


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    • Personne à mobilité réduite aidée


    • Avec les enfants
    • Loisirs à thème
    • Visites à thème

    Opening periods

    • From 01 January 2021 to 31 December 2021
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