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    The instant plants is a small Breton company. Via L'Instant Plantes, Jeanne Marty shares her passion for aromatic and medicinal plants with you through various media including outings and workshops. Manufacturer of herbal teas in the town of Brandivy, Jeanne grows all her plants in a large natural garden.
    Trained in various schools including "The school of plants in Paris", it is a set of professional and personal experiences that allow her today to share this knowledge.
    Outings on edible and medicinal wild plants:
    During this outing, Jeanne takes you on a walk to discover edible and medicinal wild plants in different vegetated areas of Morbihan. From shared gardens to flowery meadows, you will discover the main rules for picking plants. Their nutritional power, how to pick them, use them, cook them, and the benefits they can bring you. A small booklet presenting 7 plants is given to you at the end.
    Price: € 10 per adult.
    The "virtues of the forest" outings:
    On the program: walks in the forest, fun exercises, sharing of the latest scientific discoveries on the benefits of nature.
    Trees are essential to our life on earth, they provide us with the precious oxygen we need to breathe, they heat us, nourish us, help us build our houses, our musical instruments, make paper. They are an immense source of biodiversity and beauty. And yet we know them so little.
    This outing is an invitation to enter their world and meet them.
    During this immersion in the Lanvaux moors, you will discover the effects of the forest on our organism, the incredible functioning of trees and the uses of certain medicinal trees in traditional herbalism. Today, more than ever, humans must reconnect with life to face the ecological and societal crisis. This outing in the heart of the forest is the perfect moment to open up to a new vision of nature and our place in the living world.
    Find all the outings, workshops and events of the Instant Plants on the website: l-instant-plantes.com


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    • From 01 January 2021 to 31 December 2021
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