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    Coeur de Vannes is a federation of traders and artisans from downtown Vannes. It brings together more than 200 businesses, of all sizes and from all sectors of activity, and services.

    The objectives of Cœur de Vannes are:

    - Animate the city center,

    - Boost businesses,

    - Unite the traders.

    Enliven the city center in order to help make it ever more attractive and innovative. Cœur de Vannes is at the initiative of many events in the streets of the center of Vannes: on the occasion of the end of year celebrations, the Gulf week, in spring, in summer with the Grande Braderie, depending on major events in the city. Coeur de Vannes organizes activities for everyone, young and old, so that everyone can enjoy them.

    Boost businesses by promoting partnerships with stakeholders in local life such as the Vannes - Golfe du Morbihan Tourist Office, by creating an advertising tool through the magazine Cœur de Vannes, by promoting TY KDOZ gift vouchers which can be spent in member businesses in the city center.

    Federate traders and promote downtown commerce. Coeur de Vannes plays a very important role in informing and representing its members so that traders can get to know each other better, complement each other and be associated with major downtown projects.


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