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    In his studio, located a stone's throw from Landrézac beach in Morbihan in Brittany, Chris Jano paints like those navigators who used to draw new waterways on their maps. Armed with spalters, those large, flat brushes that he particularly likes, he travels the canvas, digging furrows in the paint that are all invitations to wanderings that can be serene walks or frenetic and disorderly races. The color, which sculpts and models, dialogues with the light which reveals an infinite number of variations.

    Soft, rough, calm or heckled, it becomes for the artist a medium that makes the invisible visible in a multitude of new territories that he models, hollows out and traverses with his brushes, and on which he invites us to join him for moments of pictorial and intimate sharing.

    If for Henri Matisse a painting should be like a good comfortable armchair, it is undoubtedly for Chris Jano an interior geography that he invites us to discover at the rate of his brush strokes.

    Bertrand Naivin

    Art critic, art and media theorist, teacher (University of Paris 8), lecturer, writer.

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    • From 01 January 2021 to 31 December 2021
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